Steel comb





Natural Brush (mason pearson mix)


Steel brush(Chris Christensen goldpin brush)


Soft natural brush




Nail clipper


Paw scissor


Rubber scissor (to cut rubberbands from the coat)


Wrapping paper


















 Many combinds Yorkshire Terriers with a lot of grooming. It's correct the Yorkshire Terrier needs grooming, and it's also known for it's long silky coat. It's only the show Yorkshire Terrier who needs this long coat.

Most Yorkshire Terriers have a shorter fancy cut.

To keep the coat tangle free you need to brush your Yorkshire Terrier everyday.

The Yorkshire Terrier needs a bath every day. Small rubberbands, bows or hairclips keeps the facial hair away from the eyes.

Standard cut of the ears: Remove hair from the front of the ear. On the back,cut 1/3 from the tip, trim the edges and make the ear into a point shape. Also check the ear inside, use a cottonball and wipe inside the ear. Carefully.

Hair around the paw shall be trimmed so they don't step on it. Let the Yorkshire Terrier stand on a table and trim the edges around the paw, the hair can touch the table. You must also remove the hair under the Yorkshire Terrier's paw. Cut the nails about every day.Do it after a bath because then the nails are more soften, and it's easier to cut.

Brush the Yorkshire Terrier's teeth ever day.

Teach your YT to be groomed. It doesn't take a lot of your time to do it daily, it takes more time if you do it onc in a while. You have to struggle with your Yorkshire Terrier and a lot off tangles appear. Let the grooming session be a pleacant time for you and your Yorkshire Terrier.

Supplies you need for grooming:

  • Brush
  • Pin brush
  • Steel comb
  • Fine pinned flea comb
  • Nail clipper
  • Toothbrush
  • Scissor (scissor for coat, paws)
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

At links you find where you can buy supplies



Behind a showcoat it's many years of work and preperation. It can take upto 4 years before the coat it's full growned on body and face. A show Yorkshire Terrier lives it life in wrapping.

The coat needs to be wrapped so it doesn't tare and brake. A dirty coat brakes easely, so the Yorkshire Terrier needs a bath 1 a week with a mild shampoo and conditioner with silkdrops. Then to have oil in the coat and wrapping.

The wrapping in the face needs to be changed everyday, unwrap, brush, oil and wrap again.

When the coat is long enough (around 7-9 months) you start the wrapping. Always start with the face first. The Yorkshire Terrier is then having a wrapping jacket on, protect the coat and keep the wrappnig on place.

How to wrap:

  • use a soft brush and have some oil on the brush, and brush in the edges of the coat
  • then it's the body, make parts eith hair. Put the hair in the middle of the wrapping paper (withc you have folded allready)
  • fold the paper on both sides
  • fold once (in two), then half way forwards, and then onemore time
  • fasten with a rubberban. Use 2 rubberbands in the face, then the wrapping stay's.


    A Yorkshire Terrier has 20-24 wrappings. Someone chooses to wrap the legs, others don't.


    Supplies you need for a showcoat:


    • Brush


    • Pinbrush


    • Soft natural brush


    • Steelcomb


    • Comb (to make the topknot)


    • Fine pinned flea comb


    • Nail clipper


    • Toothbrush


    • Scissor (scissor for coat, paws)
    • Shampoo


    • Conditioner


    • Silkdrops


    • Wrapping paper


    • Wrapping jacket


    • Rubberbands


    • Oil


    • ...time and's take many years before the show coat it's fully grown.